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Vaganova Summer Performing Academy is dedicated to providing the highest quality comprehensive dance education for all and creating the next generation of versatile, well-rounded dancers.  Above all else, our goal is to provide our students with the immeasurable value of a dance education that extends beyond technique.

With the launch of VSPA, the summer program established itself as a premier institution as well as a top-notch performing organization.

Our goal is to provide our students an unparalleled level of professional training in classical ballet.  Our teachers bring decades of combined experience as professional ballet masters and teachers to the Youth Ballet Program.  Their hands-on approach and small class sizes allow students to benefit from individualized attention to achieve rapid development.  VSPA faculty members are dedicated to teaching students a pure Vaganova ballet technique, as the foundation from which mastery of all dance forms grow.  We encourage students to pursue their goals in a nurturing environment, fostering a life-long love for dance through dedication and hard work.