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Alla Osipenko

Alla Osipenko is often referred to as a legend of the Leningrad Kirov Theatre now known as the Mariinsky. She performed as a partner with Mikhail Baryshnikov and Rudolf Nureyev, and was a favorite of the choreographer Boris Eifman. She is one of the few ballerinas who as a talented dancer achieved the level of an outstanding dramatic actress as well. Osipenko starred in films by the famous Russian filmmaker Alexander Sokurov.  Alla Osipenko is also considered to be the embodiment of the 20th century changes and reforms that transformed the Russian ballet.

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An exhibition housed in the Sheremetiev Palace, a branch of the Saint Petersburg State Museum of  Theatre and Music, is dedicated to the life and works of Alla Osipenko and comprises an impressive body of exhibits which tell of the ballerina's family history, photographs from ballet performances and personal archives, letters and diaries. One of the most exciting areas of the exhibition is allocated to costumes and costume sketches, as well as a parade of the dancer's portraits. Alla Osipenko has been deemed an interesting subject by artists working in various media: sculpture, painting and photography.